Released: January 18th 2019 | DMNSTK002LP

Zooming in on the inner life of the solitary on-screen struggle captured in director Finlay Pretsell’s visceral documentary on professional cyclist David Millar, a former Tour de France winner, Dan Deacon’s score amplifies dreams of redemption and fleeting bursts of elation that grind against punishing environs, ghosts of the past, and the physical limits of the human body.

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Side A
  • 01 David’s Lament
  • 02 Better Times
  • 03 The Peloton
  • 04 The Melee
  • 05 Training
Side B
  • 01 The Breakaway
  • 02 The Dream
  • 03 Horns and Drums
  • 04 Worse Times
  • 05 Charlie I Can’t Feel My Hands
  • 06 Finlay's Anthem